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Tanya Maalouf 23 Jul 2020

Minister Of Health Launches New Method To Detect Coronavirus Through Trained Dogs

In a press conference held earlier this week, Minister of Health Hamad Hassan announced the launching of an all-new method to detect coronavirus in Lebanon with the help of trained dogs from several security and military entities.

The new approach was pitched by Lebanese-French Professor Riad Sarkis and developed with the help of Professor Dominique Grandjean, who developed and directed the research of training dogs to detect the virus using their sense of smell in France.

Using their experience and expertise, the professors will overlook the training process in Lebanon, which will last for two weeks and take place at the Internal Security Forces’ training barracks in Aramoun.

If successful, this experiment could help detect coronavirus patients on a larger scale, alongside the already existing PCR test.

Do you think they’ll manage to pull it off?

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