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Beirut.com 27 Jul 2020

Missing The Movies? Here Are Some Cool Alternatives!

With movie theaters still closed down in Lebanon, cinema lovers – including ourselves – are left terribly missing the movies.

And while there is no telling when cinemas will be safe to operate again, these new and cool alternatives are reviving our favorite activity in the most creative of ways, while adhering to proper safety measures.

1. Drive In Cinema – Lebanon

A one-of-a-kind cinema experience that is touring different Lebanese areas every weekend with a selection of the best movies ever made. All you need is your car, your company, and your appetite for some unforgettable fun.

2. Seanema

A perfect summer cinema plan that is ideal for both sea lovers and movie fanatics. Put on your swimsuits, round up your friends, and grab your floaties for an unforgettable event. Movie nights will never be the same again!

3. Metropolis Cinema Outdoor Screenings

After the indefinite closing of the Empire Cinema in SOFIL at the beginning of the year, Metropolis Cinema Association is now making a comeback with a set of outdoor screenings for movie lovers, in collaboration with various cultural institutions, spaces and initiatives in Lebanon. For details on their first event, click here.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to spread some good energy and shed light on great local initiatives.

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