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Beirut.com 30 Jul 2020

Marse: The Ultimate Getaway In The Heart Of Anfeh

Overlooking Anfeh’s pristine beach, this famously-blue guesthouse is a sea-lover’s dream getaway! They offer an unmatched bed and breakfast experience, alongside facilities that will keep you coming back for more.

A stunning stone house located alongside Taht El Rih, Marsē boasts a welcoming ambiance and the most serene of vibes.

You and your friends (pets included!) will particularly adore the charming rooftop housing the guesthouse’s wooden tents. Nab one of their swings and sway your worries away.

Marsē’s guests will find themselves cocooning in the comfy tents for hours. Not a fan of glamping? You can reserve one their spacious rooms and tell your favorites to join; the guesthouse fits around 10 people.

The best part is waking up to the smell of a traditional breakfast and catching whiff of the rejuvenating sea breeze.

During chilly nights, Marsē hosts bonfire nights that call for impromptu concerts of your favorite songs.

Although a staycation is the best way to fully enjoy Marsē, you don’t have to spend the night. Instead, you can head to Anfeh early in the morning, take a dip in the clear waters, grab a quick lunch at their delectable restaurant, and catch the picturesque sunset from their colorful stools.

So, when will you be heading to this Anfeh paradise?