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Tala Ramadan 30 Jul 2020

13 Ways The Economic Crisis Will Affect Relationships In Lebanon

You and your significant other may be compatible in 101 ways, but se3er el saref will ruin your relationship.

1. Financial infidelity will be the new emotional/physical cheating.

2. “I want to spend the rest of my life trying to get out of debt with you” is now the official love language.

3. If you couldn’t afford to marry when the exchange rate was at 1,500 LL… forget about it now.

Sorry to break the news like that.

4. You’ll have to kiss fancy dinners goodbye.

Thank God for Barbar (w aslan, atyab)

5. Forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions will be more common than ever.

Who can afford a gift anyway?

6. Showing up with your +1 to events is no longer an option.

It’s a lot more feasible for only one of you to make an appearance.

7. Weekend getaways? Staycations? Vacations? LOL!

Manara w bezer max!

8. Valentine’s Day is CANCELLED. We can no longer afford to celebrate capitalism.

It’s okay, you survived the lockdown, you can spend Valentine’s at home.

9. The “choosing game” will become tougher than ever.

Do you need to wash your car or do you want to go out on a date?

10. Forget ex’s and past relationships. Your “money” history and past finances are all that matter now.

Because full disclosure of your financial situation before tying the knot is a must, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be…

Sorry hayete kenet edfa3 el $60 minimum charge kel Friday, but now I promise you kel shi tghayar

11. You will need to set your eyes on the (same) prize.


12. Learning to embrace the highs and lows of life (and the dollar) will be your biggest test.

Bhebik 3al 7elwe w 3al morra, 3al 1,5000 w 3al 4,000

13. You will never escape the “B-word”.

Yup, budget.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to garner a few laughs and bond over the many things we have in common.

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