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Beirut.com 31 Jul 2020

27 Lebanese Things That Are Better Than Sex

Yeah sex is cool and all, but have you experienced any of these things?

1. When you have electricity for more than 2 hours per day.

2. When you have enough hot water for a long ass shower.

3. When the service drops you off without taking you on a tour through every zaroub in Beirut.

4. When the bank allows you to withdraw your money without a fight.

5. When it rains and the internet doesn’t collapse.

6. When you’re at a family gathering and no one asks you “fi hada hek hek?”

7. When it actually takes you 30 minutes from the mountains to the sea.

A Lebanese legacy come true.

8. When your upstairs neighbors are not loud and annoying.

9. When you find a parking spot and don’t have to give your car to valet.

10. Better yet, when you find a parking spot and the park-meters are broken.

11. When you arrive at your destination and realize there’s still electricity which means elevator.

12. When you have an automatic disjoncteur.

13. When you have enough fuel for your disjoncteur to keep working.

14. When you’re having cheesy knefeh for breakfast.

15. When it’s winter and the roads don’t flood.

16. When you’re in the middle of a pandemic and all weddings are cancelled for the season.

17. When it’s the end of the month and you haven’t exceeded your internet consumption limit.

18. When you’re driving in Beirut and the traffic lights are on.

19. When you leave your house looking like shit but don’t run into anyone you know.

20. When you go shopping and find something for less than 300,000 L.L.

21. When your paperwork at the General Security only takes 30 minutes to complete.

22. When your boyfriend/girlfriend’s ex has a public Instagram account.

23. Or even better, when your ex’s current boyfriend/girlfriend has a public Instagram account.

24. When you come home to your favorite food after a long long day.

25. When schools and universities have been closed forever and you don’t get stuck in morning rush hour.

26. When you order shawarma extra toum and they comply.

27. When you have a foreign passport, you lucky son of a b*tch.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to garner a few laughs and bond over the many things we have in common.

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