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Mia Arawi 04 Aug 2020

15 Home Remedies Your Lebanese Grandparents Have Prescribed

You’ll be amazed to see that some of these remedies actually work! We love our Lebanese grandparents.

1. For swollen/aching joints:

Heat honey and apply it to the affected area, and cover it with a piece of pita bread (no joke).

2. For cold sores:

Debs rimmen! Apply to cold sore and tear up.

3. For respiratory issues:

Tehbeele, or boiled quina leaves. Inhale the vapor and feel better.

4. For toothaches:

Kebsh kronfol (cloves).

5. For stomachaches:

Soak a bread in Arak and put it on your stomach.

6. For bumps on your head:

Place a piece of soaked bread on your head and it’ll “absorb” the swelling.

7. For growing out eyebrows:

Castor oil.

8. For sunburns:


9. For burns:


10. For earaches:

Warm olive oil, right in there.

11. For eye problems:

Dip a cotton ball in scorching hot black tea and put it over your eye.

12. For inflamed joints:

Wrap the joint in a piece of lettuce.

13. To avoid getting sick:

Swallow a whole clove of garlic.

14. For warts:

Apply a fresh FIG.

15. For anything, including heart failure:

Panadol always and forever.

Editorial Purpose: We are sharing this piece of content to garner a few laughs and bond over the many things we have in common.