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Lama Hajj 11 Aug 2020

Badri Daher’s Wife Is Head Of Customs In Tripoli

“Balad el 3ajayeb” or the country of wonders. That is how everything from the obscenely criminal to the insanely adorable gets tagged in Lebanon.

Well, gaze on in wonderment as you learn that Pascal Elia, wife of the arrested Director General of Customs Badri Daher, is the head of the Tripoli Port Customs.

What are the odds! A man and his wife apply to two extremely related jobs and they both get appointed. Very interesting, indeed.

Image via nabadashamal.com

It is noteworthy to mention that the Tripoli Port Customs will be handling Lebanese customs in the absence of the Beirut Port, under the watchful eye of Pascal Elia Daher.