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Fatima Al Mahmoud 11 Aug 2020

Man Who Was Found Alive At Beirut Sea Has Sadly Passed Away

Amin El Zahed, the valiant survivor who was miraculously found alive at sea has sadly succumbed to his wounds and passed away, his family confirmed to the National.

Amin was reported missing for more than 30 hours after the devastating blast when he was eventually found floating in the Mediterranean and rescued by the military. He was immediately moved to a Beirut hospital where he was being treated, but his family was not informed of his whereabouts.

For five days, they frantically reached out to hospitals in the area for any trace of him, but to no avail. And on Monday, they were contacted by Beirut’s Al Zahraa Hospital to deliver the news of his passing.

Our heart goes out to his family, who was granted a ray of hope only to be stripped of it again. They never got the chance to say goodbye.

We can’t fathom the pain they must be going through, among hundreds of families who are faced with the same kind of hurt.

We demand justice on behalf of every person who was killed, injured, and affected by this horrific act of negligence.