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Tanya Maalouf 24 Aug 2020

Owner Of Beloved “Em Nazih” Arrested From Site Of His Damaged Cafe

While the criminals behind the Beirut blast are still roaming free, ISF have arrested Abu Nazih, owner of popular cafe and restaurant Em Nazih, from the site of his now completely damaged business.

A troubling video of the arrest was filmed by Rana Dirani, Abu Nazih’s daughter, and is currently circulating on social media.

In the video, Dirani documents the ISF asking Abu Nazih for his employees’ identification and paperwork (they are presumably migrant workers). Abu Nazih refuses to hand over the workers, stating that they have worked with the family for over 10 years.

The security personnel then arrest Abu Nazih while his daughter films the entire ordeal.

It’s important to note that Em Nazih was one of the spaces severely damaged by the Beirut explosion, and Abu Nazih had reportedly sustained many injuries in the blast. And after everything they’ve went through, our authorities still found them more guilty than those responsible for the blast in the first place.

Meanwhile, the ISF released a statement saying that their intention was to clear the building that was in structural danger.