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Beirut.com 28 Aug 2020

Berri To Bassil: “You live on another planet”

Trouble in paradise?

According to local newspaper Al Joumhouria, negotiations between major political leaders on the formation of the new government are currently underway, and things are not exactly going well…

With each ruling party concerned with protecting its personal benefits, we’re bound to end up with a recycled version of every single inefficient sectarian government we’ve ever had.

And while we know what to expect, we have to admit that watching our politicians bicker among themselves is hilariously infuriating.

According to the article, when former minister Gebran Bassil asked to take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Energy (both of which he had previously headed) in the upcoming government, he was dismissed by Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, who told him: “you live on another planet”.

The article reveals that Bassil wanted to improve Lebanon’s external relations through the Foreign Affairs ministry and to resume his electricity plan through the Ministry of Energy.

And while we’re thrilled to give Bassil another shot at bringing us 24/7 electricity, we wort of agree with Berri on this one.