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Beirut.com 01 Sep 2020

BeitMoune: A Great Way To Support Local Farmers In Lebanon

Who amongst us doesn’t need a reliable stash of labne, zaatar, and fig jam handy at all times?

A new e-commerce site has landed in Lebanon to help keep your fridge and pantry well stocked with all the Lebanese goodies we know and adore.

BeitMoune, through a network of local farmers and producers in rural and urban areas, curates dozens of locally made goods that are ready to be delivered to your doorstep. They work with people from all over Lebanon; the South, Akoura, Bekaa, Chouf, and Kfardebian to name a few, with each producer carefully selected based on quality and hygiene criteria (and of course, taste!).

We’re talking everything from delectable keshek baladi from Bekaa to peach jam from Kfardebian and cheese-stuffed olives from Chouf. While maintaining tradition in the methods of preparation, producers work with BeitMoune to maximize their reach across the country.

So you’ll be getting yourself something tasty, healthy, and helping a local business grow.

Best part? They can deliver your order in under 48 hours all over Lebanon! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and call 70183155 for more details.