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Fatima Al Mahmoud 31 Aug 2020

New PM Mustapha Adib Confronted By Angry Citizens In Gemmayze

With no faith in the current ruling class and their decisions, citizens have directed their anger at newly-appointed Prime Minister Mustapha Adib when they ran into him at Gemmayze.

The PM had taken to central Beirut to assess the damages caused by the blast, where he was confronted by people in the area telling him “you were elected by criminals”.

Many were chanting “thawra” or revolution at him, before he was ushered away by security.

Some even threw empty water bottles at his convoy as he left the area.

Lebanese diplomat Mustapha Adib was officially named Prime Minister earlier today, now tasked to form a new “national unity” government as advised by French President Emmanuel Macron, presumably by Wednesday.

He has been the Lebanese ambassador to Germany since 2013 and has also served as former advisor to ex Prime Minister and billionaire Najib Mikati.

He was backed by a majority of parliamentary members and ruling parties, receiving 90 votes in total.

Upon being named, Adib gave his first speech as PM from Baabda Palace, saying: “Amid these difficult circumstances, this is no longer the time for words and promises, but rather time for work.”

He explained that they are looking to select professionals with trusted expertise to form the new government and implement crucial reforms.

What are your expectations for this new government?