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Tanya Maalouf 03 Sep 2020

7 Beirut Spots That Have Reopened After The Blast

After the devastating explosion that took place on August 4th, many of us could not even imagine places reopening after the damage they sustained. Luckily, so many of our local businesses, with the help of our wonderful community, managed to brush off the dust and reopen. Here is a list of a few spots that have reopened.

1. Orenda

We all know and love the pretty pink hidden vegan gem of Mar Mikhael. From their unbelievable vegan burger to their delicious beetroot hummus, the all-female owned establishment is quickly building up a fan base with a serious craving for their delicacies and unmissable creations. Orenda is now reopen and has spruced their space up so be sure to drop by and show them some love.

2. Swiss Butter

Nothing like some steak and fries to numb the pain for a little while. Swiss Butter’s original Gemmayze branch is now reopen and ready to serve you all the saucy meats your heart desires. Drop by for the steak, stay for the molten chocolate cake.

3. Meet The Veganz

Craving some mouthwatering vegan fast food? You’ll definitely love the “I can’t believe it’s not chicken wings” battered and fried cauliflower, drenched in your choice of barbecue or buffalo sauce. The spot now has a cult following, and for good reason!

4. L’Osteria

A bar, a cafe, and a restaurant all wrapped into one. L’Osteria always has the perfect Italian antipasto to complement the wide variety of Italian and local wines listed. Their skilled bartenders can also craft fantastic cocktails to help you take the edge off. Pets are welcome, and this space is the perfect spot for you to fall back in love with Beirut.

5. The Wok

Asian food lovers, this one is for you. Pick up your chopsticks and go on a noodle adventure at The Wok, a spot for flavorsome and fresh dishes. The spicy Korean wings are a must-try, and their noodle boxes are perfectly customizable to suit any tastes! Drop by and show them some love.

6. Mac n’ Cheese

Nothing screams “feel good food” like a bowl of cheesy pasta. You can either opt for the classic mac n’ cheese for a simple yet decadent meal, or you can choose to customize your pasta with endless toppings and homemade sauces to fit your taste. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

7. By The Slice

Affordable, delicious, and massive slices of pizza are exactly what you can expect at this Mar Mikhael favorite. Grab a slice and help them get back on their feet! (Our favorite is the pepperoni!)