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Beirut.com 09 Sep 2020

Coffee Creamers Now Cheaper Than Period Pads In Lebanon

Remember when we wrote about the government’s wonderful decision to subsidize men’s razors but not women’s menstrual pads?

Well, it seems they decided to go ahead with that decision anyway and subsidize literally anything they could think of and deem “essential”, except for actual essentials like menstrual pads and tampons.

This issue was highlighted earlier today on Twitter when users were sharing pictures from supermarkets comparing the price of coffee mate (a coffee creamer) with that of menstrual pads and tampons.

Users were absolutely outraged at this twisted logic, especially at a time when over 50% of households in Lebanon are now stuck in poverty and can barely afford food, let alone sanitary products.

By not subsidizing period pads and menstrual products, officials are directly contributing to period poverty by making these essentials inaccessible for many girls and women in Lebanon. In turn, this pushes women to resort to alternatives like newspapers, toilet papers, and rags, all of which cause severe health issues.

While some report that the government has subsidized certain brands of pads and tampons, this is not enough, as women cannot commit to products that don’t work well for them.

It is shameful that in 2020 we’re still arguing why period products are a necessity, not a luxury. We didn’t choose to bleed every month, so why is this natural process costing us a kidney now?