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Tanya Maalouf 08 Sep 2020

Riad Salame: “I have a strategy to get out of this crisis”

Remember the CNBC anchor and correspondent who trolled Gebran Bassil on Twitter after interviewing him at at the World Economic Forum?

Hadley Gamble is back with another iconic soundbite, this time from none other than the Governor of the Central Bank Riad Salame. During an exclusive interview with Gamble, Salame is quoted saying, “I don’t want to resign because I am continuing my what I have in my mind as a strategy to get out of this crisis and I’m sorry to disappoint those who are spreading rumors of my resignation every day”.


Can’t wait to experience this magical strategy that is going to reverse 30 years of terrible financial dealings and engineerings.

During the remainder of the interview, Salame denied any suggestion of a Ponzi scheme having taken place in Lebanon’s Central Bank saying, “This is not a Ponzi scheme, as some have described it…the central bank had injected funds not taken funds from the banking sector … We returned all the funds.”

Regarding the criticisms the Central Bank has faced, Salame stated that circumstances in Lebanon have been filled with strife saying, “it is really unfair to judge Lebanon as if it was Sweden”.

Another day, another statement.