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Lama Hajj 08 Sep 2020

After Wondering “Where’s the fish?” Lebanese Ask About Donated Tea

A clever campaign has been wondering (and attempting to track) where each of the many donations the Lebanese state received after the August 4 explosion have gone. Tonnes and tonnes of food, medication, and various goods were sent over on planes – yet no one quite knows where they went.

Yesterday, Twitter users were wondering about the 12 tonnes of fish that Lebanon received from Mauritania, using the hashtag “#أريد_سمكتي” (I want my fish).

The hashtag picked up so much traction that it forced the Lebanese Army to put out a statement explaining where all the fish went, claiming that they have stored it safely and are using it to cook meals and distribute to those who were affected by the blast. If you have received a meal (featuring fish!) from the state, please reach out – I’d love to hear about it.

This is the statement the army put out:

Today, citizens are wondering about the 1675 kilograms of ceylon tea using the hashtag #أين_السيلاني (where’s the ceylon).

More than 1600 kilos of tea are apparently nowhere to be found. We wonder which Lebanese politician is having one hell of a tea party.

As the electricity cuts worsen, others are asking even more pressing questions:

Where do you think it all went?