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Tanya Maalouf 09 Sep 2020

Beirut’s Favorite Pizza Parlor Is Back In Business

Good news for pizza lovers!

Your favorite pizza parlor is finally back in business after sustaining damages in the port blast on August 4th.

But there’s no stopping Pizza Guys who are back on the street food scene, stronger than ever and thrilled to serve up their sizable pizza slices.

The pizza bar is known and loved for its handmade, thin-crusted pizza topped with all our favorite ingredients and baked to perfection. They’re sold in 35 and 50 cm slices and have always been the perfect pick me up for a quick delicious lunch or a mouthwatering late dinner after a long night of partying.

Pizza Guys closed down for a few days after the blast to clear and fix up the damages, and were able to reopen in record time to cater for all pizza lovers during these tough times.

You can either stop by their parlor for a slice (or ten) of their perfect pizzas, or simply dial them up for delivery. Either way, make sure we give this Beirut gem a much-needed push to get them back on their feet and help them sustain themselves amid our crumbling economy.