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Beirut.com 16 Sep 2020

Uber Rides Now Priced In Lebanese Pounds, Significantly More Expensive

Last night, Lebanese Uber users got an email from the taxi-hailing application announcing that they will now be pricing their rides in Lebanese pounds.

While this should have been a good step for riders with Lebanese accounts, it was met with wide criticism and backlash considering how expensive the service has become.

Up until recently, Uber had been charging users in USD at the official exchange rate of 1,500 LL. But today, users are reporting that their regular rides are significantly more expensive as they are priced at approximately 2,500 LL per dollar. One user told us that a ride that used to cost them 7,500 LL is now priced at 13,250 LL.

Being an international company, Uber consumption had been draining to the USD international limit set by local banks. But now that it’s priced in LBP, it’s an additional cost that many will no longer be able to afford.

Will you still be using Uber?