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Fatima Al Mahmoud 17 Sep 2020

The Adorable Coffee Shop You Need To Support In Lebanon

Post edit: The Verdun branch has reopened since this article was published.

You’ve definitely heard of the amazing Lebanese coffee shop changing the way we accept, respect, and love people.

Located in Zalka and Verdun, Agonist Coffee Shop was founded by physical therapist Wassim El Hage back in December 2018 and has since gained fame for its super-friendly differently-abled staff and amicable atmosphere.

Once you visit, you’ll be welcomed with big smiles and kind eyes. The smell of fresh bakes will pull you right inside, and the awesome vibes will invite you to stay and spend hours on end.

While their Verdun branch is currently closed due to the damages they sustained during the blast, their Zalka spot is open and ready to treat you to the best coffee and cool drinks in town.

Make sure to pass by and support this beautiful business, and help them get back on their feet during these difficult times. You can also order their delicacies straight to your doorstep through Toters.