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Fatima Al Mahmoud 18 Sep 2020

Horrific Murder Of 14-Year Old Girl In Borj Al Brajneh

Lebanon awoke today to news of a gruesome crime in the suburban area of Borj Al Brajneh where a 14 year old was burned after presumably having been taken hostage.

Her body was found in an empty apartment by the window, and the prime suspect was taken into custody while two of his alleged accomplices are still roaming free. He admitted to throwing benzine on the young girl and setting her on fire, and that the crime had been premeditated.

In an interview with local newspaper Nidaa Al Watan, the victim’s father explained that she had left the house a few days before and never returned. They sought help from authorities to try and find her, after which they received a horrifying phone call asking them to identify her body.

Due to the extent of the burns she had sustained, the father was not able to identify her without a DNA test. The designated medical examiner also could not uncover whether or not she had been sexually assaulted prior to her murder, which is believed to be the motive behind this horrendous crime.

Despite his heartache, the victim’s father is praying that his daughter was killed before being burned to spare her the agony. We have no words.

May her soul rest in peace.