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Beirut.com 18 Sep 2020

9 Magical Spots For A Relaxing Getaway In Lebanon

When things get too overwhelming, jump on the opportunity to unwind and let go of all your daily stresses even if it’s just for a few hours. Where to go? We’ve rounded up a list of some magical destinations for a much-needed mini getaway. Check them out!

1. Canyon Hill Resort

A hidden gem in the Tannourine mountains, Canyon Hill has graced Lebanon’s picturesque town with a whole new level of laid-back goodness! The beautiful spot boasts an outdoor pool, a massive garden, and a relaxing ambiance that will help you loosen up amid these difficult times. Pack your swimsuits, floaties, and good vibes and escape it all at this gorgeous getaway.

2. River Zen

Nestled in the heart of Chouf, River Zen is a beautiful escape that will leave you feeling anew. A 20-minute ride away from Beirut, this scenic spot is everything you need for a laid-back outing. Round up your friends (the furry ones too) and make your way to this exemplary location, where you can enjoy a mouthwatering picnic, a refreshing swim, and an unforgettable experience should you choose to spend the night there.

3. Samarula

Samarula is a vibrant spot with a gorgeous setup that overlooks the Cedars of God from its exemplary location. Colorful and lively, this outdoor gem is beautifully furnished with hammocks, picnic tables, and a bar on wheels. Make your way to this picturesque spot where you can revel in the scenery and indulge in mouthwatering treats and refreshing drinks from above the clouds.

4. Freya

Rocking the mountain tops at Laklouk, Freya is the ultimate weekend getaway destination. With a sunset bar, a camping area, and more, the unique lounge bar has it all. Whether you’re simply there for their crafted cocktails and perfect sunset view OR for their live grill stations and bonfire evenings, you’re bound to have an exceptional time.

5. Double T

Situated deep in the heart of the Chebanie forest, Double T is the ultimate getaway this summer. Surrounded by abundant greenery, Double T is the place to disconnect with chaos and reconnect with the calm. It also boasts a gorgeous setting, where you’ll get to hang out, lazy away, and revel in your stunning surroundings.

6. Aeon

Nestled in the heart of the mountains, Aeon is the perfect city escape. It boasts stunning scenery, breathtaking views, and magical vibes, as well as delectable finger food and refreshing drinks to boot. Gather your friends and make your way to Aeon for an exceptional experience, and make sure to be there in time for the sunset.

7. Chez Yaz

Chez Yaz is a gorgeous campsite and picnic venue located in the heart of Naqoura. The outdoor spot combines breathtaking scenery, a cheerful ambiance, a towering tree house, and fun-tastic activities. For the ultimate cityscape experience, pack a swimsuit for a dive in the Naqoura waters, explore the beautiful village by foot, laze away on the hammocks, and of course, camp the night away.

8. Haven the Cabin

Escape the chaos of the city to this literal haven, situated in the heart of Byblos. Haven the Cabin is a cozy coffee shop that overlooks the entire coastline, making for the perfect spot to bask in nature’s glory. Make sure you make it in time for golden hour to watch the sun gloriously set and sky magically change colors, and stick around for the night for an unparalleled sahra.

9. Se by Ocean Blue

With a beautiful wooden deck perched right over the shore, this spot is not to be missed. Se by Ocean Blue is a stunning seaside restaurant and lounge serving delectable cuisine, refreshing cocktails, and most importantly, fetching views. The restaurant’s exemplary location will have you sitting face to face with the ocean, basking in all its beauty.

What other getaways do you recommend?