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Beirut.com 25 Sep 2020

7 Stunning Spots In Nature Around Lebanon

While there are too many spots in Lebanon that are stunning to list, we hand-picked some of the wonderful spaces that are definitely worth a visit (or two!) Take your time and spend a day there to relax and take it all in.

1. Le Camp, Deir El Harf

Nested in Deir El Harf, Le Camp is a gorgeous campsite and picnic space. Le Camp combines breathtaking scenery, a cheerful ambiance, and fun activities for all. For the ultimate experience, bring your your picnic basket, camping gear and pets and spend the best staycation at Le Camp.

2. The Pines, Kfar Hazir

Soak in all the nature at this spot located between a bunch of pine trees in the middle of Koura’s olive terrains where you and your friends can grab a drink next to the fire pit while staring at the stars.

3. Farmville, Barouk

A farmhouse with fresh air, wide-open spaces, and peaceful sounds. You can pick your own vegetables and fruits from the organic field, feed the animals, collect eggs, and enjoy some music around the bonfire with a beer in hand.

4. Hillout Village, Khenchara

Set in the heart of El Khenchara, Hillhout Village is a place where you can savor the wonder Lebanon’s nature. Hillhout Village is made to offer kids, families, couples, and friends a chance to experience the adventures as they see fit. From camping and hiking to a wide array of activities, Hillhout Village is the ideal place to fill up on your outdoor hankerings!

5. Double T, Chebaniyeh

Situated deep in the heart of the Chebanie forest, Double T is the ultimate getaway. Surrounded by luxurious forests and abundant greenery, Double T is the place to disconnect from chaos and reconnect with the calm. It even boasts a gorgeous setting, where you’ll just want to hang out and take in the stunning nature around you.

6. Oaktown, Lehfed

This multipurpose outdoor green space has the best activities ranging from historical hikes to treasure hunts. Try their traditional Sunday brunch buffet for the ultimate meal in the greenery.

7. Canyon Hill, Tannourine

A hidden gem in Tannourine’s mountains, Canyon Hill has graced Lebanon’s picturesque town with a whole new level of laid-back! The beautiful spot boasts an outdoor pool, a massive garden, and a relaxing ambiance that will help you loosen up amid these difficult times. Pack your swimsuits, floaties, and good vibes and escape it all at this gorgeous getaway.