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Fatima Al Mahmoud 25 Sep 2020

12 Plans To Tick Off Your End Of Summer Bucket List

Looking to enjoy some downtime without directly contributing to the insanely increasing number of coronavirus cases in the country?

Here’s a mini guide of things you can do:

P.S. These alternative plans don’t rule out wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and keeping a sanitizer on you.

1. Discover the magical village of Douma

Located exactly 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Beirut, this beautiful village is worth the drive. Douma is located in the mountains of Batroun and is the picture-perfect example of a traditional Lebanese village. Charming vintage houses, friendly street shops, mouthwatering saj stops, and more, Douma is a must-visit.

2. Catch the sunset at Se by Ocean Blue

With a beautiful wooden deck perched right over the shore, this spot is not to be missed. Se by Ocean Blue is a stunning seaside restaurant and lounge serving delectable cuisine, refreshing cocktails, and most importantly, fetching views. The restaurant’s exemplary location will have you sitting face to face with the ocean, basking in all its beauty.

3. Disconnect from reality at The Bevview

Nested in the green area of Baskinta, The Bevview is surrounded by breathtaking landscape that will make you feel totally disconnected and serene. This is the ultimate nature lover’s paradise! You can camp, sit by the fire pit while enjoying the sunset, sip on drinks, and retreat into nature. Best part? Your pets are welcome, too!

4. Enjoy a meal and plant a tree at Nasmaya FoResto Bar

Nestled in the heart of Mayrouba in Kesserwan District, Nasmaya FoResto Bar is our favorite environmentally-friendly destination in Lebanon. Aside from providing us with a much-needed magical escape into the heart of nature, the unique spot (cleverly dubbing itself a FORESTo Bar) plant a tree for every order you make! With a diverse menu that boasts a selection of mouthwatering “healthy fast food” named after the towering native trees of Lebanon, Nasmaya is saving the environment one dish at a time.

5. Enjoy a pancake perdu at Home Sweet Home on the Farm

With multiple outdoor sections fit for everyone and a wholesome menu of good food and delicious drinks, Home Sweet Home on the Farm is the ultimate safe spot for dessert and coffee connoisseurs. Make sure to book your spot in their picnic area and enjoy the laid-back ambiance of it all.

6. Book a stay at this gorgeous homey villa

Tucked away in the historic town of Aabrine in Batroun, La Maison du Maquis Guest House is a breathtaking villa situated on the quieter side of town. A lush garden envelops the picturesque villa , giving you the chance to revel in the stunning scenery. With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, La Maison du Maquis promises an unforgettable staycation. Book the entire place at a truly affordable price and have yourself a much-needed getaway.

7. Sip on some decadent coffee at Qahwet El Souq

Qahwet El Souq is a charming cafe nestled in the heart of Baakline’s Souks that reflects simplicity. The modest coffee shop has a homey feel and a friendly ambiance, and boasts a mouthwatering menu of delectable fresh bakes and decadent drinks. Qahwet El Souq is the ultimate quaint getaway, offering a retreat from the chaos of the city into the welcoming hands of Chouf.

8. Indulge in a seafood feast at Jammal Restaurant

Today might be the last day of summer but it’s still pretty hot out there. Make the most of this heatwave and head to Batroun for a scrumptious spread of the best seafood. With the sun on your face and your feet in the water, it’s a splendid and safe end-of-summer plan.

9. Treat yourself to some zen time at River Zen

Nestled in the heart of Chouf, River Zen is a beautiful escape that is only 20-minutes away from Beirut. This scenic spot is everything you need for a laid-back outing. At this this exemplary location, you can enjoy a mouthwatering picnic, a refreshing swim, and an unforgettable experience should you choose to spend the night there.

10. Spend a Sunday funday in the heart of nature at Jalset Wared

Surrounded by the most serene views and stunning scenery, Jalset Wared is a wonderful restaurant in Yahchouch. They serve delectable traditional Lebanese food and boast the most unique location that will keep you coming back for more. Open-spaced and vast, you don’t have to worry about big crowds at this place.

11. Bask in the colors from above the clouds at Samarula

Samarula is a vibrant spot with a gorgeous setup that overlooks the Cedars of God. Colorful and lively, this outdoor gem is beautifully furnished with hammocks, picnic tables, and a bar on wheels. Make your way to this picturesque spot where you can revel in the scenery and indulge in mouthwatering treats and refreshing drinks from above the clouds.

12. Stay in and enjoy a game of “Guess Who Sara2 El Masari?”

After years of trying to find out who “sara2 el masari” in this country, we may be close to finally having answers. “Guess who sara2 el masari?” is an all-new Lebanese board game that you need to have. It’s perfect for a night-in that’s both safe and fun. You can find it at all Everythink.me branches.