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William Daou 28 Sep 2020

4 Newly Opened Spots In Beirut

Though Beirut has been through so much lately, there are still some businesses that are doing their best to stay afloat and keep giving to our beautiful community. Here are four newly opened spots in Beirut – check them out and pay them a visit!

1. Sift

Sift Bakery is the new kid on the block, sitting right on Badaro’s main street but still standing out with its vibrant blue color. Their unique setting will catch your eye and the smell of delicious croissants, baguettes, cakes, and pastries will lure you inside. Grab a table on their miniature deck and sip on some of their wonderful coffee for a little downtime.

2. Burger Guys

After the major success that Pizza Guys achieved, they decided to branch out and venture into the world of burgers… and we’re so glad we did. Burger Guys has the most delectable burgers waiting for you to indulge in, and they taste even better than they look! 140 grams of Angus beef awaiting to be devoured!

3. Newbury Brasserie & Bar

Brunch now has an address! Pancakes, eggs, amazing cocktails, and all the fantastic drinks your heart could desire! For more details, check out this entire review.

4. Bn Coffee Bar

You know and love this adorable coffee bar from Gemmayze, well it now has a Badaro address, too! Drop by for a doppio and stay for the chill ambiance and unique coffee beans. Their amazing coffee connoisseurs will guide you through the process of picking the perfect drink.