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Beirut.com 28 Sep 2020

All Your Favorite Kids Power Songs Are Now Available On YouTube

Amid the chaos, 2020 has decided to grace us with a little treat to slightly compensate for literally everything that has gone wrong so far.

If you grew up watching Kids Power and jamming along to all their super catchy songs, you’re in for a surprise.

The beloved kids show is making a comeback by making all their songs and music available on their very own YouTube channel.

You can now subscribe to their platform and sing and dance along to all your favorite childhood hits with Kikky, Nathalie, Youmna, Phillipe, Gaelle, Joelle, Jessica, Samar, Nadine, and Sandra.

Kids Power first aired on LBC in September 2003, and now 17 years later, it’s back to unlock some serious childhood memories.

So, Kids Power marathon & chill?