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Beirut.com 02 Oct 2020

Lebanese MP Asks Expat Doctors To “Be Humble” & Come Back To Leb

You would think in light of the current circumstances in the country, Lebanese politicians would know better than to give their opinions publicly. Guess not.

In an interview with local media outlet LBCI, Lebanese Member of Parliament Hagop Pakradounian has reportedly demanded that expat doctors “be humble” and come back to Lebanon.

This comes amid the downfall of the medical sector as a direct result of the economic crisis and coronavirus pandemic. Essential health equipment has become increasingly expensive due to the skyrocketing currency exchange rate and plenty of medication is now scarce and unavailable. Healthcare personnel are exhausted, both mentally and physically, and are not being paid their dues. This is only expected to worsen when the Central Bank of Lebanon lifts subsidies on commodities in the coming months which will directly impact prices of medication.

All of the above are not enough reasons for doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff to give up on the country, in the eyes of MP Pakradounian. Instead, he believes they are not humble enough for wanting a better future for themselves and their families, away from a country that is crashing due to the political class’ corruption and negligence.

Twitter users were outraged by the MP’s statement. Here are a few reactions: