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Beirut.com 05 Oct 2020

9 Delicious Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Nothing will sweeten up these bitter days like some good dessert. Here are some of our favorite picks.

1. Giant donuts from Giant Donuts

Regular sized donuts have our heart, mini munchkins are the perfect treat on the go, but these all new GIANT donuts are stealing the spotlight.

2. The sushi crepe boat from Jessy Juice

A sweet twist on the traditional sushi boat, this creation is a must-try. Decadent, sugary-sweet, perfect little rolls of crepe “sushi” filled and dipped in your favorite chocolate.

3. Pancake perdu from Home Sweet Home

Combining two of our favorite desserts in one, this pancake perdu is divine. Fluffy and caramel-filled, it’s the perfect pick me up after a rough day.

4. A dozen (or more) cookies from The Cookie Shop

Serving fresh cookies on the daily, The Cookie Shop’s batches are to die for. They offer a variety of flavors, both sweet and savory, and they’re all equally mouthwatering.

5. The pizookie from My’ tellaria

A Nutella-stuffed pizza cookie? Say no more. This pizookie is baked to perfection and filled with decadent chocolate.

6. Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili’s

If you haven’t had this Chili’s masterpiece, you’re seriously missing out. A moist chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside just dying to roll out with that first spoonful of ice cream.

7. Knefeh ice cream at L’abeille D’or

Known for their decadent, cheesy knefeh, L’abeille D’or are re-introducing their sweet creation with an icy twist – literally. This fusion is the perfect breakfast for anyone with a sweet tooth.

8. All the donuts from Bakerloo

Not only do Bakerloo’s donuts look like heaven, they taste heavenly too. Reese’s, Oreos, Lotus, Kinder, and so much more, Bakerloo offers a number of flavored donuts that are simply scrumptious.

9. Mini pancakes at Sugar Puffs

These fluffy bites of happiness are the perfect mini treat on any given day. Adorable and delicious, they’re doused and topped with your favorite toppings.