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Fatima Al Mahmoud 12 Oct 2020

Escape Reality At This Magical Hidden Gem In Lebanon

Ten months into 2020 and we are exhausted, to say the least.

But you deserve a mental and physical break, so you’ll be thrilled to hear that we found the ultimate chill spot to escape it all.

Wanderlust is a riverside gem in the heart of Ain Dara, Aley district. It’s a 45-minute drive from Beirut and completely worth the trip.

Once you get there, you’ll be welcomed with lush greenery, a cool breeze, and the relaxing sound of running water.

All your worries will ease away once you take a dip in the crystal clear waters and laze away on the dangling hammocks.

There’s so much to do at this marvelous spot, so round up your loved ones and head to Wanderlust for a delightful experience. Although you don’t physically get on a plane to get there, it’s a lot like travelling to a quieter, more serene world.

You can either spend the day there swimming, tanning, and munching on good food, or choose to camp the night away with a cozy bonfire and scrumptious saj for breakfast.

Either way, it’s an unparalleled experience. Enjoy!