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Tala Ramadan 14 Oct 2020

FBI Says No “Firm Conclusion” On Cause Of Beirut Blast

Judge Fadi Sawwan received a report on Monday from the FBI about their own probe into the Beirut August 4th explosion that killed 200 people. In their report, the FBI said they did not reach a “firm conclusion” on the cause of the blast.

“Further questions should be directed to the Lebanese authorities as the lead investigators,” the FBI spokeswoman told Reuters on Tuesday.

Judge Sawwan said he is anticipating similar reports from French and British explosives experts. No additional details about the content of the report were given.

The reports by the foreign investigation teams are intended to specify the cause behind the explosion, the nature of the explosion, and whether it was the result of an intentional act of sabotage, or an accident. This preliminary report is disheartening to say the least.