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Tala Ramadan 25 Oct 2020

20 Powerful Photos From The October 2019 Revolution

The Lebanese revolution kicked off exactly a year ago and it came with tons of powerful moments that will go down in history, here are only some:

1. Remember this man? After this photo went viral, Dr. Raed Lattouf got in touch with the protestor and volunteered to provide him with a prosthetic leg

2. The Joker

3. Everything about Tripoli

4. When the streets flooded with people asking for change

5. When people appealed to the army

6. When people laid down, to make a change

7. When people used their cars to protest

8. The feeling of hope

9. When the Egg lit up

10. Day 90 of the Lebanese Revolution: Anger.

11. Less than 24 hours after the new government was officially announced

12. In memory of Alaa Abu Fakhr

13. The takeover of Zaytuna Bay

14. The powerful artwork on the Wall of Shame

15. All the love

16. When we owned the city:

17. When Tripoli lit right up

18. Every time Lebanese women proved that the revolution truly is female:

19. A celebration of power:

20. And back when we were one: