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Fatima Al Mahmoud 16 Oct 2020

7 People Are Still Missing From The Beirut Port Blast

More than two months after the devastating Beirut blast, seven people are STILL missing without a trace according to Legal Agenda.

Each of Sara Tarbah, Mohammad Eid, Ibrahim Raad, Ghazi Murad, Mohammad Abdallah, Firas Fahed, and Mohammad Rihawi still haven’t been found, and authorities seem to have stopped looking.

Their families never received closure and are still waiting on any identification of their loved ones.

Three of the missing people’s families never even underwent DNA-testing that might tie them to any human carnage still stored at hospitals.

The Beirut blast that rocked the capital on August 4th killed more than 200 people, injured 7,000, and left 300,000 families homeless. Until today, we still don’t have answers as to what happened, no one was held accountable, and 7 people are still missing while their families relive that tragedy every single day.