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Lama Hajj 30 Oct 2020

Guita Bed And Bloom: The Perfect Fall Escape

Boasting local cuisine, cozy rooms, and an awe-inspiring green estate, Guita Bed & Bloom has quickly become our favorite spot for a weekend retreat. In escaping the hectic city, these getaways have become as essential to the Lebanese way of life as hummus.

A 90-minute drive from the center of Beirut will land you in the peaceful mountainous village of Akoura where Guita Bed & Bloom is located. You can choose between a coastal drive to Nahr Ibrahim then inwards or an inner road on the Matn express highway and up through Feitroun. Both are equally scenic and pleasant!

On the sprawling green property of Guita Bed & Bloom is a traditional stone Lebanese home hidden by trees and surrounded by several outdoor lounging areas and five gardens, each of which with a different feel and breathtaking views.

The areas are decked out with comfy beanbags, hammocks, chaise-longues, swing sets, and picnic tables, all of which beckoning you to grab a glass of wine and watch the sunset.

The laid-back design informs every detail of this space, from the perfectly mismatched vintage furniture to the themed rooms.

Authentic, organic, and delicious meals are prepared from produce that is harvested from the surrounding lands.

Guests can do as much or as little as they like, from resting on lounge chairs and lazying the day away or cycling and hiking through the mountains.

The space is ideal for families, groups, and couples. Kids will enjoy activities like tree climbing, foosball, and a bonfire while adults can enjoy the scenic spaces, drinking wine, hiking, and drinking more wine. It’s perfect for building lasting simple memories of just sitting around the table talking, taking in the scenery, and enjoying delicious meals in good company.

Guita Bed & Bloom will remind you of childhood summers spent in mountain homes, it is an experience drenched in nostalgia and one that is not to be missed.