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Beirut.com 02 Nov 2020

15 Things That Are Off Limits In A Lebanese Household

Living under your Lebanese parents’ roof comes with strict rules and limits that you have to abide by. Here are some of them:

1. Locking your bedroom door for no reason

Privacy? Don’t know her.

2. Leaving the house unannounced

You think you can go out without letting your parents know where you’re going or with whom? Lol, nice try.

3. Coming back home unannounced

Leh ma eltelle eno jeye 3al bet?

Bayte mama…

4. Lowering the TV volume when your parents are watching the news

5. Eating out when there’s food at home

La meen hal akel n3amal? Mish haram?

6. Talking to your parents when they’re watching their mousalsal


Rou2 shway bado y2ella eno bihebba

7. Asking for food when there’s labne in the fridge

8. Sleeping in on Sundays

Unless you like waking up to hoover sounds and very loud phone calls.

9. Having a political or social debate with your parents

Nothing is more stubborn than Lebanese parents’ beliefs.

10. Taking too long in the shower

Ba3dak jouwa? Shu 3am ta3emel sarlak se3a feteh el may?

11. Inviting a friend over before you debrief your parents on them

12. Staying in your pyjamas all day long

13. Coming anywhere near the guests’ diyafeh

Hol el bonbon lal dyouf ou3a hada ymed eedo

14. Hiding from visitors

Tla3o mama salmo 3a tante Rabiha

15. Skipping out on household chores

Unless you want to hear the classic mahada hasis fiye and mahada bise3edne b hal bet.