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Tala Ramadan 10 Nov 2020

Lebanon Back In Lockdown, Here Are The Details

The Higher Defense Council in Lebanon has officially agreed on a two-week lockdown in the country to curb the COVID-19 outbreak as the virus spirals out of control.

The lockdown will be implemented nationwide from Saturday, November 14 until Monday, November 30. Caretaker PM Hassan Diab encouraged citizens to comply with the measures to avoid an extension given Lebanon’s difficult economic situation.

The details of the lockdown are as follows:

– The airport will remain open.

– Banks will remain open.

– Essential businesses will remain open. These include pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

– Schools will close down.

– Food delivery will be permitted.

– The even/odd car plate rule will be implemented.

– A designated curfew will take place between 5 PM and 5 AM.

In response to financial concerns, Diab said that 400,000 LL will be distributed to 240,000 families on a monthly basis until the end of the year.

The lockdown comes after a surge in coronavirus cases in the country, with Lebanon recording 93097 cases and 713 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, even with the lockdown in place, it will only be effective if individuals adhere to safety measures on a personal level. Wear your masks, socially distance, and wash your hands. Stay safe!