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William Daou 12 Nov 2020

Lebanon Nightclub Hosts “Lockdown – 2” Party

What do you get when you couple ridiculousness with total ignorance? A pre-lockdown party!

In a story posted on their social media account, Dbayeh’s “Pitcher’s Bar and Lounge” advertised a ridiculous and unique concept: an all you can drink party ahead of Lebanon’s upcoming lockdown or a “Lockdown – 2” party as they called it.

For just 75,000 Lebanese Lira, you can put your family, loved ones, and grandma in danger!

While many local businesses find themselves completely drowning amid Lebanon’s economic recession which has been exacerbated by the virus, it is still on them to maintain social distancing and other preventative measures. A party during which people have one last hoopla and go insane is definitely not what is needed at this time.

As COVID-19 cases surge past 1500 cases daily and hospital beds and resources dwindle, we sincerely hope you enjoy your pre lockdown party.