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Beirut.com 13 Nov 2020

One Year Ago Today, Alaa Abou Fakher Was Murdered

Today marks one year since Alaa Abou Fakher was brutally murdered in front of his family as he took part in nationwide protests against the corrupt ruling class.

On the night of his murder, a televised speech for President Michel Aoun had prompted protests across different Lebanese areas.

Abou Fakher was one of many who took to the streets in Khaldeh. He had been attempting to block the roads when he was shot pointblank in front of his wife and son.

A video documenting his murder was shared on social media, and one year later, we still can’t can get his family’s screams out of our head, or the sight of Abou Fakher’s bloodied body on the ground.

Though his killer reportedly turned himself in, he was later released.

Abou Fakher’s family, like many others in this country, has yet to receive justice.