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Beirut.com 18 Nov 2020

Young Woman Passes Away After Recovering From COVID19


Earlier this week, ABAAD mourned the unfortunate passing of their colleague Khawla Fleity, a young mother, fighter, and humanitarian who dedicated her life to pursuing gender equality and human rights.

She had reportedly been battling the coronavirus and had no preexisting medical conditions. But even after testing negative for the infection two weeks later as one standardly does, the virus had taken its toll on Khawla’s body and led to severe complications that eventually took her life.

Even after becoming infection free, she still suffered from respiratory failure.

She was a patient at Rafik Hariri University Hospital and was mourned today by CEO Firas Abiad.

Dr. Abiad who had been advocating for essential cautionary measures since the beginning of the pandemic explained that with COVID19, there is no guarantee that one would be infected with the “mild” type. There is no way to tell how your body would react to the infection whether you do or don’t have underlying health issues.

The best way to survive COVID19 is to avoid COVID19.

Be extra careful please. Stay safe and protect your loved ones.