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Beirut.com 26 Nov 2020

Powerful Image Of Breastfeeding Mother/Firefighter Goes Viral On Social Media

Despite living in a country that denies them of equal human rights, Lebanese women continue to prove just how capable and mighty they are.

A powerful image that is circulating on social media features a Lebanese mother breastfeeding while on duty as a firefighter.

The mother, Yara Younes, poses in her fiery red uniform but delicately feeds her young child with warmth and love. She is also actively helping break the ridiculous taboos surrounding breastfeeding in public.

If that isn’t multitasking at best, then what is?

It’s a shame that women in Lebanon still have to endure a rigorous fight for equality and basic rights when they deserve so much more.

Women in Lebanon are still unfairly subject to laws that prevent them from passing their nationality to their children, holding their sexual harassers accountable, and more. They also still have to put up with sexist norms on the daily, many of which come from those in power.