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Beirut.com 27 Nov 2020

Hungry? 8 Affordable Meals To Order

Hungry and maybe just a little bit broke? Here are 12 meals you can order, all under 25,000 LBP!

1. Double Oppa Burger Meal from Mini Guette

Two chicken burgers, fries, and a soft drink for 15,750 LL.

2. The cheese burger and house fries from Graze

So delicious and filling, for 19,500 LL.

3. Fattoush and Abu Kareem’s chicken tawouk sandwich from Kareem Grill

It’ll run you 17,500 LL.

4. A turkey cheese or soujok kaake from Kaake Square

At 12,000 LL each, you can get both if you’re feeling fancy.

5. Escalope platter from Classic Sandwich

For 16,500 LL, you’ll enjoy two pieces of chicken escalope, fries, coleslaw, cocktail sauce, and pickles.

6. A large pizza from Pizzanini

These pizzas are tasty and really large, running you around 20,000 LL.

7.Half a broasted chicken from Rooster

21,000 LL gets you 5 pieces of chicken, potato wedges, and garlic!

8. A classic mac n cheese from Mac n’ Cheese

This hearty and filling pasta dish is made to order and is perfectly customizable! Priced starting at 20,000 LL.