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Beirut.com 30 Nov 2020

9 Spots For Dreamy, Creamy Hot Chocolate In Beirut

In times like these when nothing warms the soul quite like a mug of rich and creamy hot chocolate. So cozy up and get your hot cocoa fix at one of these spots:

1. Smushkies

A Mar Mikhael spot here to make all of your dessert dreams come true, alongside a cup of delicious hot chocolate.

2. Sip

Perfectly quaint, this Gemmayze spot is a combination of vintage and charming – the ultimate setting for a creamy sip of hot cocoa.

3. Tenno

The ultimate chill spot nestled away in the streets of Mar Mikhael. Make your way to Tenno and enjoy a warm cup of Honduran hot chocolate, bursting with flavor and goodness.

4. Paul

Calm, cozy, and charming setting to compliment your cup of cocoa just perfectly. Oh and delectable fresh bakes of course.

5. Lily’s Cafe

A stylish cafe right in the heart of Downtown with a calm ambiance infusing contemporary and cozy vibes – are you craving that hot cocoa drink now?

6. Home Sweet Home

The homey Mar Mikhael spot is relocating for winter, so keep an eye out for their upcoming opening. And once they’re ready to welcome you in, stop by and sample their delicious, signature hot chocolate.

7. Sift Bakery

This Badaro gem has us hooked on its adorable setting and mouthwatering fresh bakes. Their hot cocoa is a must-try and is best paired with their tiny desserts for the ultimate winter treat.

8. Cafe Younes

The famous coffee connoisseur is also a master of hot chocolate. There’s nothing these people can’t do. We recommend you stop by their newest branch and indulge in their dreamy hot cocoa with a slice (or three) of their wholesome cakes.

9. L’Appartement

With a unique charm and a vintage feel, you will feel right at home at this Achrafieh spot, curled up on a couch with a hot sweet cocoa drink in hand.