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Beirut.com 04 Dec 2020

Check Out These Delicious Locally Made Snacks For Kids

You probably all know (and are addicted to!) Raw Bites, the locally made protein snack. The peanut or zaatar flavored snacks hit the market a few years ago, and we’ve been munching on it ever since.

But today, they’re no longer just for adults because Raw Bites has launched an all-new adorable product for kids called Kids Bites! Kids Bites are snack puffs created from five wholefood ingredients that are nutritious, healthy, and can be consumed by all the members of the family, and are great for little ones to snack on.

Chockfull of healthy ingredients, vitamins, and calcium, Kids Bites are packaged in colorful bags that will entice your kids and hopefully get them to swap out their pesky chips habit.

Just like the original product Raw Bites, Kids Bites are not baked nor fried and are free from all kinds of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, processed sugars, and coloring. They’re also suitable for anyone with a gluten intolerance.

You can grab a bag at most supermarkets, gyms, and select pharmacies. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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