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Beirut.com 11 Dec 2020

LU Student Dies A Victim Of “Death Road” In Zahle

Another victim of authorities’ gross negligence.

Israa Ayoub is a first year Lebanese University (LU) student who had been on her way to campus to enroll for the upcoming school year.

With no pedestrian bridge facing the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Zahle or any other alternative, she was forced to cross the highway, on which she was hit by a car and died.

For years, the Zahle highway had been deemed as a “death road”, bearing witness to heartbreaking deaths of university students and young people attempting to make their way to campus.

Millions of dollars gone to the pockets of our politicians, but not one penny allocated to basic projects like building a pedestrian bridge that could spare lives.

May Israa’s soul rest in peace.