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Marianne Hassoun 18 Dec 2020

Independent Film Screenings Happening In Beirut And Saida This Weekend

There’s no doubt that we all miss the adrenaline rush of grabbing a bucket of popcorn and rushing to a movie right at showtime.

Ishbilia Theatre and ArtHub have collaborated with Beirut DC and Metropolis Cinema to showcase three independent films that have had an impact on viewers.

Image via TheDailyStar

Three shows will take place at each of Ishbilia Theatre and ArtHub and Metropolis Cinema in Saida, and the Sunflower theater in Beirut this weekend. The films have been selected according to the “Sawa” program intended to encourage the screening of independent films in both Beirut and Saida.

The whole cinematic experience is an important expression of cohesion and unity in times when cooperation between individuals is scarce nowadays. The three films in each theatre will debut their screening on December 18th and will run until December 20th.

Beirut’s screenings:

Saida’s screenings:

A Q&A with the directors will follow each screening. Ticket prices are at 5,000 L.L per movie, and reservations are required.

It can be fun to do something a little different and cultural, so check them out!