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Beirut.com 29 Dec 2020

This Local Business Is Taking Lebanese Hospitality To Another Level

One thing that has kept Lebanon afloat over the years is its unbeatable hospitality.

Despite the fact that the sector has faced major setbacks from the pandemic to the economic crisis and more during recent times, this local business has taken it upon itself to revive Lebanese hospitality and take it to a whole other level. They’ve managed to overcome the many obstacles in their way, and work on reestablishing Lebanon’s international reputation as a convivial hub.

Introducing Cheez Hospitality, a Lebanese born and bred business that offers an all-inclusive stay across several properties in different Lebanese areas for tourists and locals alike.

From renting out one room in a modest Mar Mikhael apartment, to owning several assets that expand across the country, Cheez Hospitality is the prime example of local success.

What sets this business apart is their vision for Lebanese hospitality and the way they communicate it to their customers and clients.

Not only does Cheez Hospitality offer extraordinary stays in spacious and impeccably designed properties, they also provide customized tours and retail offerings that help uncover Lebanon’s hidden gems and pay tribute to its small businesses.

From private rooms and apartments to magical villas and guesthouses, Cheez Hospitality has it all. Their properties are spread from the North to the South, with complementary trips that help you really get to know the area in which you’re staying.

Trips are curated according to your interests, budget, and time to ensure an unparalleled experience that suits you and only you.

Whether it’s sightseeing in Baalbek or fishing in Anfeh, Cheez Hospitality has it all planned out with impeccable itineraries covering transportation, entertainment, and more.

And that’s not all.

The ingenious business has also extended its services to include a very essential element of Lebanese hospitality: local goods.

Through the Cheez Hospitality Boutique, the business is promoting and supporting small local businesses that excel in artisanal, artistic, and design products. Perfectly produced and packaged, you can enjoy a wide array of Lebanese goodies manufactured in small towns and villages like olives, olive oil, jams, spreads, soaps, and so much more.

Not only would you be getting your hands on the finest Lebanese goods, you’d also be boosting small businesses that need the push.

This all-inclusive approach offered by Cheez Hospitality is at the heart of Lebanese hospitality and is certainly the way to go forward.

Their generosity knows no ends, as they’ve recently launched a Christmas giveaway for a two-night stay at Iskandar Guesthouse, one of their most exceptional properties, for two people including breakfast. To participate, follow the rules in the post and best of luck!

For more information on their stays and services, check out their website here.