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Beirut.com 28 Dec 2020

If Sex And The City Were Set In Lebanon

Ever wonder how it would play out if New York’s finest were born and bred in Beirut? Read on to find out!

Carrie Bradshaw:

– Lives in Monot

– Writes a weekly column in L’Orient

– Is always chain-smoking outside of Inter and whining about her ex boyfriend to anyone who will listen

– Has weekly dinners at Casablanca

– Still goes to Decks parties despite being too old

– Hangs out with all of Beirut’s gays at Miss Jones

– Stay-cations at Albergo hotel despite it being across the street from her house

– Is often seen at ABC Department Store’s shoe section

Charlotte York:

– Lives in Rabieh

– Got married in Sursock to the guy who everyone knows is gay

– Takes spinning classes at fancy Saifi fitness studios

– Works at Aishti Foundation

– Her wedding was featured in Mondanite and on @LebaneseWeddings on Instagram

– Loves to eat salads at Lily’s and eCafe Sursock

– Refuses to go to Hamra

– Is a regular at G-Spa

Samantha Jones

– Lives in Tabaris

– Has a weekly table at Kampai

– Has slept with all the politicians

– Hangs out at Backburner Saifi

– Is pioneering the legalization of sex toys in Beirut

– Has lunch at Em Sherif Cafe on the daily

– Has a chalet in Faqra

– Is frequently seen with a young guy at Montagnou

– Has bi-weekly facials at DermaPro

Miranda Hobbes

– Lives in Badaro

– Goes to Souk el Tayeb every Saturday

– Campaigned for Li Baladi

– Loves Hamra

– Was one of the first people to get a civil marriage

– Goes to Cloud 59 in Tyre

– Is a Falafel Sahyoun bitch

Steve Brady:

– Lives in Furn el Chebbek

– Works at Brazzaville

– Organizes dinners at Demo

– Shits on people who wear designer clothes

– Thinks “the West” is ruining our culture

– Likes drinking 2,000 LL beers at Abu Elie

– ALBA dropout

– Thinks Mezyan is a five star meal

– Eats Barbar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Mr. Big:

– Lives in Sama Beirut

– Picks up young girls at Centrale

– Identifies as a “businessman”

– Goes to MYU

– Was on the Miss Lebanon jury

– Has a boat in Zeytouna

Aidan Shaw:

– Lives in Mar Mikhael

– Will take you on a date to Kalei

– Had a man bun

– Gets his hair done at Phil & Joe but criticizes you for spending any money on yourself

– Displays his art deco at Beirut Design Week

– Is rich but too hipster to admit it

– Will make you go on hikes every weekend

– Doesn’t have Instagram and makes sure to announce it every chance he gets