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Beirut.com 29 Dec 2020

Online Guerrilla Marketing: 6 Ways To Pay In Lebanon

As Lebanese citizens slowly but surely lost a good portion of their purchasing power, a few industries were relentless about finding new ways to market their businesses. Through unconventional pricing schemes and confusing exchange rates coupled with a faulty Instagram algorithm, here are a few interesting “ways to pay” we’ve spotted recently.

1. “Watch your money grow” says this local property company.


1. Make the mistake of depositing money into Lebanese bank.

2. Realize that your money is stuck there.

3. Convert said money into a villa at Beit Misk.

4. Rent out the villa for a bankers check or lollars aka more stuck, fake money.

5. Repeat until over.

2. Best way to buy something priced in EURO?

Half at the 1,515 LL rate and the rest in cash dollars because fuck logic!

3. Second is this seemingly ‘too good to be true’ offer from travel agencies that are pricing a dollar at 3,200 and 3,150 LL.

Where did the numbers 3,200 and 3,150 come from? No idea.

4. Checks AND visa cards accepted in this case.

Seems like somebody needs some lollars in their bank account.

5. Got ‘dead money’ sitting in the bank?

Rent an apartment for a full year!

6. You can also get a new Mazda for…well, it’s unclear

You can settle half the payment by check, and the rest…we’re assuming it’s a fresh dollar situation?