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Taleen El Gharib 04 Jan 2021

New Year’s Disaster: Lebanese Celebrate NYE Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite many venues claiming they would abide by limited maximum capacities, strategically placed tables at safe distances, and an overall COVID-friendly environment, many videos surfaced exposing a very dangerous Lebanese habit: ignoring the fact that the pandemic is still a thing.

Just a week prior to New Year’s Minister of Health Hamad Hassan issued a statement urging those celebrating on NYE to “stick to masks” and to “social distance”. Perhaps this video posted by Lebanese singer, Assi El Hallani, who was performing at one of the venues could give you an idea of how seriously Hamad Hassan’s urges were taken:

COVID-19 cases are naturally expected to spike post-NYE, and did we forget to mention that the above party had almost 25 positive Coronavirus cases?

After singer Melhem Zein was found to be bragging about the fact that his show was sold out, Twitter users did not hold back in sharing their anger and frustration:

We are, again, victims to the negligence of the Lebanese government — and our own people. After such an eventful 2020, did Lebanese people deserve a night out to celebrate a potentially better year to come?