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Marianne Hassoun 06 Jan 2021

13 Reactions To Michel Hayek’s Predictions For 2021

Let’s face it, are Michel Hayek’s New Year’s Eve predictions even avoidable at this point? From foreseeing whirlwinds of catastrophe to an onslaught deaths and explosions, Twitter had us covered with the funniest reactions to his 2021 forecasts:

They definitely didn’t see that one coming:

This is how we felt when listening to the news all through 2020:

This sketch is pretty accurate!

Asking the important questions:

To be vague, is to be wise:

Let 2021 be the year our parents embrace LGBT:

Moms always cave in to Michel Hayek, let’s not deny it:

Could make things more interesting…

Not if he can help it!

We know he secretly loves the drama:

Lebanese Astrologists, this one’s for you:

Someone create this theme song, we need it:

And finally, the man is really just an anxiety inducer: