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Marianne Hassoun 14 Jan 2021

Online Platform To Get Exemptions From Lockdown Is Up, Here’s How To Use It

As the Lebanese government imposes the strictest lockdown since the spread of the Coronavirus in Lebanon, the Supreme Defense Council has come up with a new strategy to process requests from citizens who need to commute during lockdown between the 14th and 25 of January.

Here are the steps to get a permit if you’re not exempt:

Note that exceptions include healthcare workers, pharmacists, and the like. However, if you’re going to the bakery, airport, pharmacy, etc., then you need to file for a permit.

– Fill out the form on covid.pcm.gov.lb or send a text message to 1120 with your full name, district, and the reason for your commute.

– Make sure you receive approval

– After authorization, if stopped at checkpoint, show your approval receipt to the security forces.

Your approval should also include the specific time you are allowed to be out.

Funnily enough, along with exemptions for going to the bakery and pharmacy, exemptions exist for those wanting to go buy a newspaper or magazine!