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Marianne Hassoun 18 Jan 2021

16 Types Of Couples During Lockdown

This ongoing lockdown has taken a toll on most of us and has tried our patience on a whole new level, especially when it comes to our significant others! Here are 16 types of couples that have emerged during lockdown.

1. The ones who are trying to be cute and “defeat the negativity” by working out/cooking

Just know that everyone hates you.

2. The ones who have nothing else to do but invade each other’s privacy.

They come knocking on the bathroom door just to check if “everything is okay”.

3. The ones whose house stinks of take-out and laziness

“We’ve watched Friends like eight times!” Of course you have.

4. The ones who are apart and miss each other so much they get into random fights to cope.

They be fighting about why one said “miss you” instead of “I miss you”.

5. The ones who can’t stand the sound of the other’s breathing by the 4th day of lockdown

“That’ it, enough breathing for me.”

6. The ones who are ready to put their kids up for adoption.

7. The man who just realized what being home with kids all day is all about

Now you know.

8. The ones who are waiting for the lockdown to end so they can go file for divorce.


9. The homebodies who don’t really see a difference because their lives barely changed.

The outside? TF is that?

10. The ones who never hung out and are now getting to know each other”

“Since when have you been a vegan?” Since 2019 but ok.

11. The party goers who miss clubbing so much that their living room turns into ahm at 11 pm.

Their anghami playlist is titled “House Party”.

12. The ones who keep promising themselves they’ll have sex but then they watch the news and the urge flies out the window.

Our country is killing our sex life.

13. The ones who actually have sex all day, all night.

You do you.

14. The ones who got together as soon as lockdown began.

“Hayete ma fine 3ish balek, kif bedna ndalna hek?”

15. The alcoholics who think that Vodka will kill COVID.

16. The gamers who do nothing but play Call of Duty.